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Nina A. FedericoHenderson, Nevada

“The book is a nice pick-me-up after a long day. I like how it perks me up when I’m down.”


Andrea G. MinterPalo Alto, California

“I recommend this motivational read to anyone needing some guidance in their life.”


Ruth H. SuttlesParamount, California

“Heartfelt and genuine, this encouraged me to be a better Christian and person.”

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In times of distress, literature can provide great comfort. Not only is it a medium for escapism, but it is also a great avenue for learning lessons.

This original collection of poetry, stories, and Bible commentary seeks to give inspiration and enlightenment, especially to those who need it most. Its use of everyday people and situations will let readers have an easier time relating to its pieces.

Allow this book to give your motivation a boost.

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Larry Gene Klech

About the Author

Larry Gene Klech is a devout Christian. He was baptized in Pomona, California, in 1977. The father of one has resided in Covina, California, for the past 38 years. His daughter, Ronda, serves as one of his book’s inspirations.

Larry Gene Klech


If we do not know the truth, we will not be free . . . from guilt. We may then become the victim of many fallacies. If we do not read the Bible on a continuing basis, its precious truths may slip away from us.

When manufacturing a philosophy based on popular Bible verses, it is even more important to learn the flip sides as well. Knowing both sides will give us a better sense of balance. The Bible is better understood in its entirety.

This new dawn is promising and frightening at the same time. If people prove wise enough to base their decisions on the guidance of the Holy Spirit and God’s Work, good results can be expected. However, if last week’s soap opera or this month’s unspiritual paperback is used as a behavioral yardstick, then deep trouble lies ahead.

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